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Elevate Your Event: Discover SOPO’s Unforgettable Event Venue!

Are you ready to elevate your celebrations into unforgettable memories? Look no further than SOPO, an event venue where your celebrations come to life. Our commitment to excellence and our passion of creating magical moments makes SOPO an ideal destination for all your special occasions from corporate functions, birthday parties, anniversaries and other private events. Remember, when it comes to holding the perfect event, the event venue you choose sets the tone for the entire experience. It’s not just about the physical space, but also the ambience and catering that the venue provides. This is where SOPO excels! We understand that each celebration is unique and requires an unforgettable setting that aligns with your overall plans. This is why we offer a range of event packages that have been designed to cater to different preferences and event styles.

Intimate Package – Tailored Perfection

Provide intimate elegance at your next event with our Intimate Package, held in the inviting Social Room 3 space. This private room at our event venue has been designed to cater to a vast variety of occasions from birthday parties to corporate events and small engagement parties. With expansive floor to ceiling windows, you and your guests are able to relax with abundant natural light, yet still have the intimacy and privacy that this space offers. The possibilities are endless! So let your imagination run wild as you plan a unique event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Party Package – Dance and Celebrate!

For those who are seeking a more vibrant and energetic atmosphere at their next event, our Party Package hosted in Social Room 1 is the ultimate choice. Here, the stage is set for a night of dancing with a spacious dance floor, private bar and the latest audio, visual and lighting equipment.  Whether you are hosting a big milestone birthday party or an exciting engagement party, Social Room 1 provides the perfect space for your celebrations. Accommodating up to 150 guests, celebrate, dance and create memories with the people you love!

Gala Package – Grandness and Sophistication

Our Gala Package, which is held in our BEATS Showroom, is perfect for your next event that is filled with grandness and sophistication. As one of the largest auditoriums on the Gold Coast, the BEATS showroom is a space that can accommodate up to 800 guests with its flexible seating arrangements. This means that nobody has to miss out on the special celebrations! With a professionally designed stage, the latest lighting and sound equipment and a large dance floor, this event space has been tailored for large corporate functions, weddings and awards nights. With our help, create an event that leaves everyone in awe!

At SOPO, we understand that every event is unique, and that’s why all of our event packages have been designed to cater to a variety of occasions. Our commitment to making your event truly special does not stop at the venue. Add to that our modern and delicious menu options, and you’ll understand why SOPO is a preferred event venue for your next celebration.

Our dedicated team is here to turn your vision into reality, creating a seamless experience that goes beyond the expectations of all your guests. From intimate gatherings to large celebrations, SOPO’s event venue options are ready to make your next occasion truly exceptional. As you embark on your journey of event planning, remember that the venue you choose is the foundation of your celebration. At SOPO, we understand the importance of creating a setting that not only matches your overall vision but elevates it!

Visit us at SOPO to explore the endless possibilities that our unforgettable venue offers. Let us be the backdrop to your next special moment!