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Discover One of the Best Bars in Southport at SOPO

Get ready to embark on a journey to discover why SOPO stands as one of the best bars in Southport. As the season shifts, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to ensure that your expectations are not only met but exceeded. From crafting delicious cocktails that will tantalise your taste buds to curating an entertainment lineup that will keep you grooving all night long, SOPO is the place where unforgettable memories are made. Stay tuned as we reveal the magic that has earned us the reputation as one of the best bars in Southport. We can’t wait to share the SOPO experience with you!

Thirst for Excellence

As we ease into summer, there’s no better way to entice your taste buds than by quenching your thirst with our intriguing selection of cocktails and beverages. At Seductions, SOPO, our skilled mixologists have been mixing up a storm to bring a variety of mouthwatering drinks, some which certainly pack a punch!

With a cocktail to suit every palette, our flavours burst with notes of everything from sweet and sour, to spicy. Whether you’re craving the fiery kick of a chilli margarita and a tango to great live music, or simply prefer to enjoy a fine house wine, we have something to delight your senses. Our mixologists have truly outdone themselves with our range of cocktails, and we can’t wait for you to savour each sip. Explore SOPO’s exclusive range of delicious options on our menu, and let the summer vibes and refreshing drinks make your time at one of the most unforgettable bars in Southport.

Action Packed Bar Experience

SOPO isn’t just about good drinks; it’s a hub of activities and excitement. This month, we’re gearing up to welcome you with an electrifying lineup of events and talented artists that will kick start your night with a bang. Enjoy free live music and events in the Seductions Lounge every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

From live music and shows to charity raffles and everything in between, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, with countless prizes up for grabs. At SOPO, we’re dedicated to bringing fun and some of the best prizes in town, yet another reason why we stand out as one of the most popular bars in Southport.

Delicious Dining

But wait, there’s more! Let the growling of your stomach be a gentle reminder that there’s even more to enjoy when visiting our SOPO bar. Indulge in a lavish pub style meal, an experience that SOPO has perfected at our Palm Springs dining area.

As you step into SOPO’s Palm Springs, you’ll quickly forget that you are in an ordinary pub. Our skilled chefs have taken traditional pub dishes to new heights, infusing them with exceptional flavours and offerings. We offer daily specials all week long, and you won’t want to miss 2-For-1 Tuesdays. It’s time to make dining special!

SOPO unquestionably leads the way among the best bars Southport, offering the perfect spot for you and your friends to hang out in the warmer months. Dive into the latest and greatest music, events, drinks, gaming, food, and more! If this has sparked your interest and you want to learn more, please visit our website for an extensive list of events, deals, menus, and prize information. Begin planning your next gathering with friends today to see why SOPO stands out as a must-visit among bars in Southport!