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Get Ready to Groove: Live Concerts at SOPO’s Premier Venue

When it comes to live concerts, SOPO turns up the volume for unforgettable experiences. As Southport’s premier venue for live music, we offer a diverse lineup each week to suit all music tastes. SOPO is your destination for the hottest live music in town. Our calendar is packed with a variety of lead artists, bands, epic songwriters and dancers to carry you through the month. SOPO’s commitment to offering a wide range of musical styles ensures that there’s always a live concert you’ll find pleasure in!

What sets SOPO apart as Southport’s premier live concert venue is its dual experience. SOPO Seductions and the SOPO BEATS auditorium offer both intimate and electrifying settings. Seductions isn’t just a bar; it’s where you can get up close and personal with your favourite artists and enjoy free live music. If you prefer it loud, the SOPO BEATS auditorium cranks up the wow factor. Our spacious auditorium can handle the noise, perfect for rock and roll enthusiasts who want to let loose all night.

At SOPO, we proudly support local talent while also host internationally acclaimed artists. We believe in nurturing the music scene right here in Southport, and our top-of-the-line audio and visual equipment compliment this to create an immersive experience.

Concerts at SOPO are about the complete experience. Gather your friends, secure your spot, and before you let the good times roll, be sure to pay a special visit to the Seductions bar at SOPO. Enjoy our wide selection of delicious drinks from signature cocktails to craft beers, perfect for your musical journey ahead.

To enhance your live concert experience, we also offer convenient ticket-purchasing options and reservations. For exclusive benefits, consider joining our Members Club. As a member, you’ll enjoy discounted drinks, dining, exclusive promotions, and many more savings. Whether you want to secure front-row seats or a private table for your group, we’ve got you covered. Check our website for upcoming events, ticket availability, and reservation details.

At SOPO, we believe live concerts have the power to uplift and inspire! Get ready to groove and mark your calendar for an unforgettable night in the heart of Southport’s premier live music venue. Our team is dedicated to delivering the ultimate concert experience in the heart of the Gold Coast at Southport. Whether you prefer our cosy Seductions bar or the electrifying SOPO BEATS auditorium, our lineup of local and international talent has it all. Join us for unforgettable concerts at Southport’s premier live concert venue. Visit our website for a full list of live events happening now!